Spiritual Healing

You are the Christ.  What does that mean?  Forget the religious connotations – it means that you are Love.  You are Light.  You are Peace.  You are Joy.  This truth about you cannot be taken away, but it can be pushed away – it can be forgotten.  All of the classes, workshops, retreats and healing sessions on this site are for the purpose of getting you back in touch with this eternal gift that is within.

Check out the classes, workshops and retreats on past lives, A Course in Miracles and The Witness Energy Healing. These classes explore your karma, how reincarnation works, and what you can do to find peace instead of settling for your old patterns of fear and guilt. Discover more fully who you are, and expand your access to your deeper Self! Information about Barret’s books, Questions for J, and Poems for J, can be found here.

Here is what people are saying about Questions for J:

“Barret’s book is a guide to receiving the love of God.”
– Lorri Coburn, Author of Breaking Free

Reverend Deb Brown of the Peaceful Heart center in Traverse City, MI loved her experience during an energy healing workshop, saying this:

“With humor, music and warmth, Barret is able to bring the group through their dark places of fear and loneliness to a collective ‘Sigh’ of peacefulness and joy – don’t miss the opportunity!”