Karma Kundalini!

Clearing Your Past Lives with Shakta and Barret

Sunday, December 2nd, 1 – 4 pm

Have you ever wondered what went on in your past lives?  Maybe you met someone and you just knew that you knew them but couldn’t place where?  Or you have a particular issue that no one else seems to have and you don’t know why?  A lot of the time, these things are connected to your karma – your unhealed past-life history.  Would you like to let some of this go?  Would you like to end your past karma?  When we undo past karma, we step into a brighter, more present, and love-filled sense of being, in the here and now!

 Join Kundalini Yogi Shakta Kaur, and past-life intuitive healer Barret Hedeen for an afternoon of experiencing and healing more of your soul’s history!  Through a combination of Kundalini Yoga, group healing, meditation, guided movement and one-on-one past-life readings, you are given the chance to step more deeply into yourself – knowing yourself more deeply in the eternal embrace of the Now!

Kundalini Yoga in the Loop
410 S Michigan Ave, Suite 514, Chicago, IL 60605

$36 advance / $40 regular

Email info@shaktakaur.com or call (312) 922-4699 to sign up!