A Spiritual Journey Through the Chakras – Meditation CD


A meditative healing journey through the seven chakras, from the base of the spine to the top of your head, deepening into the energy that reflects the experience of your life.

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A Spiritual Journey Through The Chakras
with Barret Hedeen

Are you ready for a deep and powerful journey into your seven major energy centers? The chakras are the wheels of light that connect with and represent everything in your life! Tapping into them gives you access to deeper parts of yourself that you hadn’t known about or just had inklings of before. They can become the portal to your truest self by showing you more of who you are.

On this journey, Barret Hedeen, creator of The Witness Energy Healing, leads you into a greater connection with your chakras, so that you can hear the messages they are telling you. Each of the seven chakras, from the base of the spine to the top of your head, has a primary energy that informs and reflects that energy in your life. For example, the heart chakra’s primary energy is love. If you have trouble giving or accepting love in your life, there may be issues for you to resolve in this energy center. This meditative journey will guide you into more harmony with all of your chakras, helping you move through any imbalances and into an experience of openness and joy!

Barret Hedeen is the creator of The Witness Energy Healing, a non-dualistic healing technique that helps you to see the truth about yourself. He has written two books about his spiritual path, Questions for J – And the Love that He Gave Me, and Poems for J, and is writing his next book, Forgiving All My Lives, a memoir sharing his personal healing journey. Barret organizes and leads retreats and workshops around the world based on A Course in Miracles and our inner path to Oneness. He is the founder of Miracles U – an academy for A Course in Miracles. His greatest passion is supporting people in coming to know their true Self – which is an experience of love and open-heartedness!

Performed and Written By: Barret Hedeen
Music and Recording By: Dov Gurewicz
Genre: Spiritual; Inspirational
Release Date: 2018


  1. Introduction (1:18)
  2. Root Chakra (3:39)
  3. Sacral Chakra (3:38)
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra (3:51)
  5. Heart Chakra (4:17)
  6. Throat Chakra (5:09)
  7. Third Eye Chakra (5:22)
  8. Crown Chakra (4:59)
  9. Integration Meditation (5:19)

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