Here is a poem from my new book – Poems for J.


These things I see which seem to say,

“You are here!”, “Love/hate the day!”

They pile up and scream and shout,

“This all is real!  Don’t raise to doubt!”

For this whole world of value is

To that which is a fear/pain whiz.

I have been prey to its foul song,

And sadness too, I’ve gone along.

No more need I sing this sad tune

Or feign winter, since it is June.

Thank you for reminding me

That I no longer need to flee.

Your gentle light illumines all,

Undermining both spring and fall.

And so they go – these things of change.

They are the things that now seem strange.

Not resisted, but just untrue,

They disappear – no whoop-de-do.

And so it’s done, no more to be,

And all that’s left is You in me,

As I’m in You – we are now one –

Complete again as God’s one Son.