Unlocking Your Intuition!

Workshop: Unlocking Your Intuition 
Discover Your Voice Within

Saturday, March 24th
10:00am – 5:00pm
Hosted by Jeneen Stickney and Barret Hedeen
Cost: $97
Location: Simply Attuned, 307 S. Commercial St, Suite 013, Neenah, WI 54956

Join us for this all-day “funshop” to discover your voice within.

Did you know that you have an inner wisdom that can guide you through every situation in your life? It’s true!  Or perhaps you’re already aware of your voice within and you’re just looking to take it to a deeper level. Either way, this event is for you!

Intuition is an innate ability available to all of us, yet most of us have forgotten how to access it. From the moment we’re born, we are bombarded by various physical senses. It starts with a sound, then touch, smell, visual and taste. Our more subtle, non-physical senses are quickly pushed aside and often completely forgotten by the time we reach age 7.  Regardless of the journey you’ve taken to get here or your current state of inner-awareness, your inner guidance continues calling to you. This all-day “funshop” is designed for unlocking your intuition and helping you to [re]discover your voice within.

Energy Healers and Intuitives Jeneen Stickney and Barret Hedeen invite you to unlock and access more fully the intuitive gifts that have been within you all along!  Join us for a day of energetic games, inner exploration, and clearing of inner blocks to your natural divine guidance. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Meet Your Hosts

Barret Hedeen is the creator of The Witness Energy Healing, a healing technique that brings forward the blocks in your life so they can melt and be undone!  He has written two books sharing his inner path and his journey into more openness and joy: Questions for J – And the Love that He Gave Me, and Poems for J.  With gratitude in his heart, he leads workshops and retreats around the US and beyond, assisting others in their perfect, divine unfolding!

Jeneen Stickney is an intuitive and compassionate energy healer and licensed bodyworker in the Fox Valley area. With a passion for inspiring internal growth and healing, she helps empower others to experience better health, joy, and self-love using Reiki, Meditation, and Massage. She loves to share her experience and energy work techniques through workshops, classes, community events, and casual group meetups. Subscribe to the Simply Attuned email list for all the latest events and promotions.

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