Exploring The Course!

An Afternoon with A Course in Miracles

Sunday, October 7th, 1 to 5pm

Join us for an exploration and discovery of the beautiful spiritual teaching of A Course in Miracles! This epic new scripture has been transforming lives and awakening sleeping minds since it began being scribed in 1965. Are you ready to wake up? What better way than the purest non-dualistic teaching that exists! Each of these ACIM teachers will be sharing about what speaks to them most about this amazing work. Come listen, learn, and get your burning spiritual questions answered!

Chris Anderson OneFeather – Chris is a Native American rabbi, metaphysical pundit and spiritual Jedi. Just another teacher of God at the end of the day!

Barret Hedeen – Barret is a spiritual teacher, guide, author, and ACIM jokester, leading classes and retreats to help us all wake up! He is also the founder of Miracles U! – An Academy for A Course in Miracles, launching this fall!

Tom Kinley – Tom has been studying the Course since 1995 and facilitates a class in Chicago. Professionally, he’s supported recovery for individuals with severe mental illness. His life’s pursuit has been to understand and resolve the experience of suffering.

Charlie Roberts – Charlie is a lesson receiving ACIM student, and a lesson sharing ACIM teacher. He’s also a curious observer, who turns inward to find Peace and Knowledge.

Sunday, October 7th, 1 to 5pm

1800 Dewes Street, Suite D, Glenview, IL 60025
The entrance is a storefront on Railroad Avenue.
Free street parking available on Railroad Avenue.

Attendance Fee: $40
(No one turned away who can’t pay)

Contact Barret Hedeen with questions or to register.
847-951-6328 or Barret@BarretHedeen.com