Karma Kundalini!

November 29th, 2020, 1:30-4:30pm CT 

Virtual Karma Kundalini

Clearing Your Past Lives with Shakta and Barret!

Have you ever wondered what went on in your past lives? Maybe you have a particular issue that no one else seems to have and you don’t know why? Or, maybe you met someone and you just knew that you knew them but couldn’t place where?  Or, you have recurring thoughts that just don’t feel good, happy, or joyful?

A lot of the time, these things are connected to your karma – your unhealed past-life history. Karma is anything that is unhealed within you.  This can include any issue, pain, trauma, or emotion that hasn’t been fully expressed. 

By bringing these things forward with compassion and kindness, you clear your karma.  You release anything that is not aligned with your happiness and fulfillment.  And, you come into that peace-filled, joyful space that is your state of truth.

Wouldn’t you like to clear your past-life karma?  Then join Kundalini Yogi Shakta Kaur and past-life intuitive healer, Barret Hedeen, for an afternoon of experiencing and healing more of your soul’s histories.

Through a combination of Kundalini Yoga, group healing, meditation, guided movement, and one-on-one past-life readings, you are given the chance to step more deeply into yourself – into a brighter, more present, and love-filled sense of being in the here and now!

November 29th, 2020, 1:30-4:30pm CT 
$29 per person
Virtual – through Zoom Conference
(A livestream conference link is sent to you after registration)