Past Life Regression and the Power of Language

Saturday, November 17th, 6 to 8pm

Join us for a past life regression in collaboration with the power of language. Dive deep into the past with safe guidance and discover the dialogue of your soul. Giving voice to our Spirit as it processes the experience of our previous lives, we are able to deconstruct language patterns that were formed at that time that continue to arise in the present. Giving words to images and visions from the past allows us to unravel their unconscious tethering to feelings in our present lives providing an opportunity for healing through reframing the story into a self-empowering narrative.

What to expect from the experience: Be led into a past life that is in connection to current feelings. Allow the images to surface for healing. Write about your visions after the regression and label the feelings that are coming forth for acknowledgment. Images and visions become less fearful and binding when we are able to give them voice and consideration. Reframe the dialogue of the past with rich powerful language to bring more clarity and peace to the present. There will be an opportunity to share your experiences with the group with further healing insights provided by Barret and Bhairavi. Reiki-infused journals by Bhairavi will be available for sale, or feel free to bring your own to use during the event.

Yoga Now Chicago
742 N Lasalle
Chicago, IL

Workshop fee: $30 prepay / $35 door 

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