Deepening Our Dedication to Peace ACIM Retreat

From 10am Saturday, January 4th to 3pm on Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Deepening Our Dedication To Peace

Let a Year of Miracles unfold with ACIM!

Join us in stepping into a new year of deeper willingness to align with the Divine.  A bigger commitment to awakening is just about ready to be birthed.  Now is the time to wake up.  Can you feel it?

“God hides nothing from His Son, even though His Son would hide himself. Yet the Son of God cannot hide his glory, for God wills him to be glorious, and gave him the light that shines in him. You will never lose your way, for God leads you. When you wander, you but undertake a journey that is not real.”  –A Course in Miracles

Charlie Roberts and Barret Hedeen will be supporting you in going deeper on your path to remembering your Oneness.  We will all be waking up together through sharing, discussion and reflection on the principles and practice of ACIM.

From 10am Saturday, January 4th to 3pm on Sunday, January 5th

Siena Retreat Center
5637 Erie Street
Racine, WI 53402

$199 retreat fee includes all programming,four meals – lunch on Saturday through lunch on Sunday,and on-site lodging in a single room with private bath.

Please talk to us if money is an issue for you.  We’d love you to be there with us.  Contact Barret at 847-951-6328 or with any questions.  Click here to sign up!